Monday, June 23

DIY Planter Box

Ben and I decided our front door needed a little face lift so we undertook a DIY project this past weekend.  We used Ana White's square planter plans. Her site is amazing, such a great source for inspiration and ideas. Fortunately, my dad has a garage full of saws and tools, making these type of projects a lot easier. He can build just about anything - I'll have to share the window boxes he made for us.

We didn't add finials because I couldn't find any at Home Depot and also because the ferns would cover them anyways. Totally affordable and a simple afternoon project. I love them!

Up next Ana's tiered flower planter for the deck!


Jill @ Bluegrass Belle said...

The planters look great! We don't have any saws or tools like this so it makes it kinda difficult!

Maggie Dory said...

Adorable! I wanted to plant some ferns in front of my house but I'm pretty sure it gets too much sun so we have roses instead. Great DIY project!

A Day in the Life said...

I loved your tip . I love your blog . Congratulations :D